STAN FREBERG discography

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Warren Debenham and Norm Katuna
(with help from Ted Hering)
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78 RPM


Commercial announcements and character impersonations in the voice of Stan Freberg/Excerpts from the Harmony Homestead broadcast featuring the voice of Stan Freberg. Thirteen excerpts from the morning broadcast of Harmony Homestead. KPAS. 9:45am daily. Uncle Quincy’s Soap; Eleanor; Fingers the gangster; Little Red Riding Hood. 1945.

10" 78 RPM

45 RPM

(whenever yellow promo, there is no white) (CP-1170 is the only disc released in both 78 and 45 RPM formats from Australia)


*For those who are real collectors, there are variations on the lower right corner of the back of the cardboard jackets of 496 and 628. (You can blame Norm Katuna for this fine detail!)

Church commercials.

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Freberg cuts on Compilation LP's and CD's

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Stan Freberg Commercials on LP's and CD's

  • Esskay Quality Meats. A Second Helping. More Rare ESSKAY Commercials Freberg Ltd. (no number). 1960. Wm. Schluderberg - T. J. Kurdle Co. Baltimore, Maryland. 6 3/4" x 8 1/4" cardboard post card.
  • Esskay Quality Meats.
    Some New Expensive Cuts for Esskay Quality Meats. Freberg Ltd.ET-62-4 (MB 2363 etched in the vinyl). One side only.
    1. Penny Wise and Weenie Foolish.
    2. Penny Wise and Lunch Meat Foolish.
    3. Penny Wise and Weenie, Ham, Bacon.
    4. Theme from the Three Penny More Than other Brands, Occasionally, but Worth It: Opera.
    5. In Which the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce Is Not Consulted.
    6. A Label - Fable of Sorts, with Music.
  • Esskay Quality Meats.
    Freberg Ltd. Presents Still More Expensive Cuts for Esskay Quality Meats. Freberg Ltd. TB-2249 (ET-65-1). One side only. On label is a picture of a big sausage with a finger pointed to the hole. VanSant, Dugdale & Co., Baltimore. 1965.
  • Freedle Family Singers, The. See Coca Cola
  • General Motors. Guardian Maintinence. Freberg Ltd. N-DPB-2581. One side only. Spring commercials. Local dealer use. Do not use after March 16, 1964. Stan Freberg golf ball spots. Possibly from Canada.
    1. Oversnap.
    2. Twang.
    3. Painters.
    4. Work Bench.
  • General Motors. Guardian Maintinence. Number unknown. Three one-sided records. One side is Freberg. 1970's. Possibly from Canada.
  • Guardian Maintenance. See General Motors
  • Hey, Look Us Over! CBS XTV 105947. CBS Television's new fall programs, 1965-1966. One side only. Includes script and program notes. Label lists the bands (1-5 above the hole - 6-16 below the hole). 1965.
  • Hey, Look Us Over! CBS XTV 105948. Same as 105947, except the label does not list the bands.
  • Kaiser Aluminum. Micro Chip in Hi-Fi. Kaiser RR-24889, -24890. Ten-inch record. Freberg not on the record.
  • Kaiser Foil. Kaiser Foil Salesman Faces Life! Kaiser 22077, 22078 etched in the vinyl. Ten-inch record. Gatefold. 1962
  • Kaiser Foil. Sometimes the Truth Hurts. Special Message to the Grocer. Kaiser 22079 (etched in the vinyl). Ten-inch record. One side only. 1962.
    1. Scraping Up the Rent.
    2. Shutting Off the Gas.
    3. Bringing Home the Bacon.
    4. The Bedtime Story.
    5. Eviction Day.
  • Meadow Gold Dairy Products. Some New Homogenized Commercials for Meadow Gold Dairy Products. Freberg Ltd. LB-2149, -2150. Beatrice Foods. Produced by Stan Freberg for Cunningham and Walsh, Inc., Chicago. 1959.
  • Meadow Gold Dairy Products. Some New Homogenized Commercials for Meadow Gold Dairy Products. Freberg Ltd. LB-2151, -2152. C1960.
  • Meadow Gold Dairy Products. Stan Freberg Radio Commercials Presentaton (to the Meadow Gold company). Beatrice Foods LP7P-4595 (white label, red print). One side only.
    120 S. La Salle St. Chicago, C1960.
  • Mellon Bank. 1965.
  • Microchip in Hi-Fi. See Kaiser Aluminum
  • More Here Than Meets the Ear. Some New Stan Freberg Vignettes Commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau. Freberg Ltd. 67-4069; S-1499 (etched in the vinyl). One side only. For the Radio Advertising Bureau. 1965.
    1. The Disaster Corporation of America.
    2. The Disaster Corporation Revisited.
    3. Do People Really Listen to Radio Commercials?
    4. Marshall McMedium Interview.
    5. The Electronic Dress.
    6. Sarah Vaughan in Person! "Who Listens to Radio?"
  • Music Views from Hollywood. Capitol test pressing. Ten-inch record.
  • NBC Radio Test Pressing. D. F. Connolly "WRCA Sales. NBC Orthacoustic Instantaneous 0650-243. November 21, 1957.
  • Orange Julius. Man From O.R.A.N.G.E. (Some Delicious New Radio Commericals for Orange Julius). Freberg Ltd. (number unknown). One side only. Date unknown.
    1. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Drink.
    2. Oranges Galore.
    3. Oranges Are Ringing.
  • Oregon! Oregon! A Centennial Fable in Three Acts. Freberg Ltd. JB-2039-D5, -2040-D4 (etched in the vinyl) . Opens from the top. Special issue for the Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company. Yellow press kit folder holding: letter from Bill Wessinger, President of Blitz-Weinhard Company; fact sheet; newspaper advertisement copy; and lyrics, and possibly December 1958 letter. February 6, 1959
  • Oregon! Oregon! A Centennial Fable in Three Acts. Freberg Ltd. JB-2177-D1, -2178-D1 (etched in the vinyl. Opens from the side. 1959
  • Prince Spaghetti. Capitol custom. Test pressing. 6/30/64. Eight commercials. Acetate. One side only. Possibly presented and not done. 1964.
  • Radio. Radio Briefing on Comercials. See Ambrose & McMahan A/M 3.
  • Radio. Who Listens to Radio? Freberg Ltd. KB-2226. Cardboard jacket. One side only. 1965.
    1. Too Bad about Radio.
    2. The Great Radio Robbery!
    3. Old Movies on the Freeway?
    4. Stretching the Imagination.
    5. Newspapers on the Freeway?
    6. Sarah Vaughn (vocal only).
    Radio. See also Stan Freberg Commercials on seven inch,
    Radio, Who Listens to Radio (same material on seven inch record) See also, Freberg's radio show "When Radio Was"
  • Revco Discount Drug Centers
    A New Series of Commercials for Revco Discount Drug Centers Prescribed by Freberg Ltd. Freberg Ltd. TB 2574. One side only. 1967.
  • Road to Hong Kong. Capitol Custom (no number). Freberg Ltd. radio spots for the United Artists movie. Same on both sides. 1962.
  • Salada Tea. Freberg Ltd. Presents Some Radio Commercials for Salada Tea. Freberg Ltd. PB 2631. Ten cuts. Same on both sides.
  • Ship of Fools. Some Radio Commercials for Stanley Kramer's Ship of Fools. Freberg Ltd. (number unknown). One side only. Five spots. 1965
  • Stan Freberg on Commercials. Number unknown. Rubblemeyer Farms. Commercial parodies comparing the right and wrong approach to producing radio spots.
  • TV Guide. Some Radio Commercials for TV Guide Spots. Freberg Ltd. LB 2889. 33 1/3 RPM. The same on both sides.
    1. Reading More Now, but Enjoying It Less?
    2. Look Ma, No Eye Strain!
    3. TV Guide: The Expensive Spread.
    4. Who Put the "T" in TV Listings.
  • Uncle Stan Wants You! Freberg Ltd. GXTNY 80700 through 80703. Two-record set. Commercials for The United States Army. 1962
  • Who Listens to Radio? See Radio
  • Zee Paper Products. Stan Freberg, Chorus, Orchestra and Cast of Thousands. C & W (Cunningham & Walsh Inc. GB- 4071D2 [etched in the vinyl] One Side Only. Nine cuts. Jingles.
  • Zee Paper Products. Zee Best of Freberg. C & W (Cunningham & Walsh Inc.) RR-24046 [etched in the vinyl].One side only. Seven commercial cuts:

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