Barry Humphries Discography

Warren Debenham.
with Peter Tatchell as source. 10/98 additions are in bold type

1958: EP Wild Life in Suburbia. Score POL 014, Australia. Cardboard jacket.

1959: EP Wild Life in Suburbia--Vol. 2. Score POL 018, Australia. Cardboard jacket

1960: LP Sandy Agonistes. Score POL 024, Australia.

1960: LP Oliver! Decca LK 4359/4105, England; Decca SPA 30, England. Original London cast. Barry Humphries featured on one track: That's Your Funeral (with Sonia Fraser).

1962: LP A Nice Night's Entertainment. Parlophone PMCO 7519, Australia; Parlophone PMEO 9613, Australia.

1964: LP Maggy May. Decca LK/SKL 4643, England. Original London cast. Barry Humphries featured on two tracks: The Ballad of the "Liver" Bird, and a reprise of the song.

1964: flexi I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus. Lyntone LYN 758, England. Floppy disc Free with Private Eye magazine, December 18, 1964. Barry Humphries appears as Sandy Stone in a Christmas greeting.

1965: LP Private Eye's Blue Record. Transatlantic TRA 131, England. Barry Humphrey appears on two tracks: The Old Pacific Sea, and Earl’s Court Blues.

1965: 7" Chunder down Under. Bulletin MX 19053/4, Australia. Single. Snow Complications/The Old Pacific Sea.

1967: 7" RCA 1579, Australia. Barry Humphries on A side only. Single. Ulysses Rag/Love's Old Sweet Song.

1967: flexi Abominable Radio Gnome. Lyntone LYN 1354, England. Free disc with Private Eye magazine, December 8, 1967. Barry Humphries sings The Little One-Eyed Trouser Snake.

1968: LP Bedazzled. London MS 82009; Decca LK 4923, England. Soundtrack. Barry Humphries played the part of Envy.

1970: EP The Naked Bunyip. Big Time Records/Bunyip BUN 069, Australia. Barry Humphries appears as Edna Everage in soundtrack extracts from the film.

1970: LP Barry Humphries. Parlophone PMEO 9616, Australia; (CD) Parlophone PMEO 9616, Australia.

1971: LP Barry Humphries' Savoury Dip. Parlophone PMEO 9716, Australia.

1971: 7" Freedom from Hunger Campaign Address. AWA Custom AW 39362A, Australia. Single.

1972: LP Barry Humphries at Carnegie Hall. Philips 6357 010, Australia.

1972: LP The Barry Humphries Record of Innocent Austral Verse. Philips 6357 011, Australia.

1972: EP A Track Winding Back. Philips 6205 019, Australia. With Dick Bently.

1972: 7" Is'E and Aussie, Is 'E, Lizzie (with Dick Bentley)/True. Single. British Spunk. Philips BF 480, Australia.

1972: 7" Ricky Roo/Sandy Sings Sacred Songs. Philips 6037 021, Australia. Single.

1973: LP 1964-1970--Private Eye's Golden Years of Sound (The Collected Christmas Records). Lyntone LYN 2745/6, England. Barry Humphries sings The Little One-Eyed Trouser Snake from the flexi Abominable Radio Gnome.

1973: LP Private Eye’s Blue Record. Transatlantic TRA 131, England. Cuts: Earl’s Court Blues, and The Old Pacific Sea.

1973. LP...Cavalcade of London Theatre. Decca D140D1/4, England. Four-record box set with booklet. Cut from Maggie May: "Ballad of the Liver Bird."

1976: LP Housewife Superstar! Charisma CAS 1123, England; Charisma CHC 18, England; Charisma 9211-1123, Canada; Charisma 9124 004, Australia.

1978: LP The Sound of Edna. Charisma CAS 1140, England; Charisma 9124 027, Australia.

1979: 7" Disco Matilda/instrumental mix. Wizard/Big Time BZS 312, Australia. Single.

1981: LP The Last Night of the Poms. EMI EDNA 81, England; EMI EMC 2742/3, Australia. Two-record set.

1981: LP Private Eye Presents Golden Satiricals. Springtime HAHA 6002, England. Includes the flexidiscs: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, and Abominable Radio Gnome.

1981: LP The Secret Policeman's Other Ball. Springtime HAHA 6003, England; Festival L 37739, Australia. Barry Humphries is featured on one track: The Royal Australian Prostate Foundation.

1981: LP Shock Treatment. Ode LLA 3615, England. Soundtrack. Barry Humphries plays Bert Schnick.

1981: LP We Are Most Amused. Ronco RTD-2067, England. Two-record set. Cut: Les Patterson, Australian Cultural Attache.

1983: EP Maggie May. AEI Records AMP 7331. Selections from the West End Musical. Special sleeve. Barry Humphries not on the record but listed in the cast.

1985: LP Twelve Inches of Les. Liberation LIB 5064, Australia; Towerbell TOWLP 13, New Zealand.

1987: 7" G'Day/Instrumental mix. Powderworks POW 0387, Australia. Single.

1987: LP The Les Patterson Long Player. WEA 254779-1, Australia.

1988: LP The Dame Edna Party Experience. Epic MOOD 7, England; (CD) Epic MOOCD-7, England; CBS 463235-1, Australia.

1988: 12" Theme from Neighbors and Spooky Christmas/Shout (Part 1 and 2). Epic EDNA T1, England; Epic 654503-6, Australia. Single.

1990: CD Paris. (CD) WEA 9031 72072-4, Australia. Two-disc set. Barry Humphries makes a guest appearance on this specially recorded rock opera set.

1991: CD The Complete Secret Policeman's Other Ball. (CD) Island ESDCD 152; (CD) Castle Communications ACSCD 019, Australia. Two-disc set. Barry Humphries is featured on two tracks: The Royal Australian Prostate Foundation, and The Singing Superstar.

1991: CD Moonee Ponds Muse--Vol. 1. (CD) Raven RVCD-17, Australia.

1993: CD Dada Days (Moone Ponds Muse--Vol. 2). (CD) Raven RVCD-34, Australia. 1993.


1990 My Gorgeous Life. Dove Audio 42450. Two cassettes.

1991 Barry Humphries Self-indulgently Presents the Life and Death of Sandy Stone. Limited edition cassette sold at venues during Barry Humphries' 1991 Sandy Stone Australian Tour (no label, no number).